We are the importer firm “INTERMODULE” of the control cash-registers, which produces the new generation cash registers (with SAM module),registration and also offers technical  service. We have a big experience working in this field of business.

We are offering you the premium class control cash-registers! “Aclas-CRBX” and “Tremol”.

The advantage of our cash machine is the following:

1)      The keyboard and printer are build in a way that they are safe from liquid and dust.

2)      It has a Long-lasting accumulator. (li-po type accumulator of last generation)

3)      Heighest quality modem.

4)      Large volume of fiscal memory.

5)      Service Centers (In case of damage, we repair it on the spot) and also material-technial base.

6)      The device has the ability to connect to personal computers and POS terminal.

7)      The fastest printing of the receipt. 

In the future, please be interested in our products. You will be satisfied with the quality and the service of our product.